Frequently Asked Questions

Refrigerated Technologies has been in business since 2006, and as such we have a wealth of experience. We’re committed to our customers, and we aim to make each installation, repair or maintenance service as seamless and hassle-free as it can be. We also know that there’s a lot of information out there, so we’ve answered a couple of common questions to clear thing up for you. For a free quote on installation or maintenance, contact us today.

Split system air conditioning is one of the most popular kinds of air conditioning on the market. A unit is attached to the wall of your home or office and can cool a single room or moderately-sized open area. If cooling a whole home or office, you will need to invest in several split system air conditioners. While costly to install, these can turn out to be more cost effective than other units, as you only turn on the sections you need.

Ducted air conditioning is snaked through the ceiling of a building, providing cool air to rooms through vents. This system is usually preferred by those who don’t like the look of having a system on display. Split into six zones, which can be controlled from a single point. This allows you cool multiple rooms at once with only one remote control to keep track of.

The Queensland Government is rolling out new loans and grants for solar systems and batteries in late 2018. Households can apply for one of the three options available—an interest-free loan for the purchase of solar systems, battery storage systems, or a combination of solar and battery storage systems. In some cases, it’s possible for households to be eligible for both loans and grants.

Small businesses, body corporates, and trusts are only able to apply for grants for battery storage or combination packages. Our experienced team is able to assist you with eligibility and applying for these loans and grants, as it can be a confusing process. Contact us today or click here for more information about government solar concessions.

We recommend getting your systems serviced annually. The best time for this is before the summer months and will ensure your air conditioning and refrigeration systems are always operating at their best. We offer two categories of air conditioner maintenance packages; the standard and the premium package. The standard package is great for those who are on top of their annual service and don’t require an in-depth clean of their unit.

The premium package is recommended for those with asthma or allergies, as it is more thorough than the standard service. It’s also good for customers who haven’t had their air conditioning professionally serviced within the last three years.

We’re proud to be suppliers of some of the top air conditioning, refrigeration and solar brands in Australia.
We offer our customers a choice of units from:
⦁ Daikin
⦁ Panasonic
⦁ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

We also supply solar panels from Q-Cells, and inverters from SMA and ABB.

Not only that, we’re also warranty agents for the above brands, so we can perform maintenance and repairs without voiding any contracts that you’ve signed.

It can always be tricky trying to figure out what’s right for your commercial space. If you’re unsure, out technicians can talk you through your refrigeration options and help you decide what system is best for your business. We can source, supply and maintain refrigerated displays, reticulation systems for the hospitality industry, and other specialised cabinets such as those for florists or butchers.

If you require a built-in cool room or frozen storage, or technicians will design the space to your specifications. They’ll also take into consideration whether you’ll need access for customers or forklifts. We aim to be with you through every step of the process in installing your new refrigeration systems and helping you get the right refrigeration system, tailored to your space.